Great Location for your meetings
Convenient: 5 mins from Outram Park MRT
Full Facilities: Meetings, lectures, workshops
Full equipment: Projector, Sound System, Internet
Refreshments: Breakfast, Tea Break, Lunch
Seating Capacity:
Classroom, lectures, workshop: 30people
Boardroom meeting: 18people
Call 96184826 to book or
Domestic Workers
OneClick Glass Film

Illume series Glass / Window film coat
Bio Nano-Ceramic with Photochromic Technology

Revolutionary Bio Nano-Ceramic combined with
Photochromic Technology, has enabled us t
to produce the unique Films thatworks like
Transition lens. 

OneClick Electrician

Affordable, Reliable and Efficient Electrical Solutions
Electrical installations, maintenance and repairs
Power points, Rewiring of power and telephone lines
Fixing blackouts, circuit breakers, light fixtures, etc
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