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OneClick Film Coat for Cars and Buildings

Illume series film coat
Bio Nano-Ceramic with Photochromic Technology
Revolutionary Bio Nano-Ceramic combined with Photochromic
Technology, has enabled us to produce the unique Films that
works like Transition lens.
Mirage series film coat
Nano-Ceramic with ITO/ATO Technology

Aura series film coat
Sputter Nichrome/sputter Metal Technology.

High Performance Dyed Metal Technology

Glucose Tolerance Factor


Special formulated GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) is made by blending trivalent chromium, whey protein concentrated and New Zealand best grade milk powder to mimic the bioactivity of colostrums GTF plus chromium

GTF is non-toxic, contains no drugs, hormones, or toxins.  It is rich in biologically active GTF, lactoferrin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins

GT&F® effectively promotes functioning of insulin, and provides body with GTF to maintain homeostasis of blood sugar.  It helps patients of type 2 diabetes and helps to promote healthy glucose and lipid metabolism


Wacker Neuson
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